Sinhtauk Beach is located in southern Dawei Peninsula.

We can arrange pick-up from Dawei for a fee of 50000 Kyat for one or two persons.
Please call 0949603902 or 09250614738

Linear distance Dawei to Sinhtauk 44,3 km – actual distance around 60 km

Distance between Dawei and Sinhtauk is 62 km but you will need 2,5-3 hours with car or motorbike.

Part of the adventure of Sinhtauk Beach is getting here and around.
The route is divided into three sections:
First to Ya Beh, southern from Dawei. This can be done by car or scooter, about one and a half to two hours.
There is a sign at the end of the village on the left “Sin Htauk Beach 10km”.

This is the house of Ko Nyi Nyi, one of the owners of the bungalows.

You can ask him (if he is there), he can organizes the next steps.
Otherwise turn right, but only with scooter (section two). Later a sign is coming, it goes to the left.

Now you cross two villages on a dreadful road. About 30 minutes this second trail section needs. Only for experienced drivers.
The scooter has to be parked at the last house of the village on the right-hand side (the house of the father-in-law of Ko Nyi).
Ask again, there is a short cemented footpath left down, followed by a march through mangroves with wet feet guarantee (section three).

The path is well-signposted and takes about 20 minutes. Not easy… 😉

Please note: It’s a challenge to follow the way in daylight, after sunset it is very hard.
It means, if you start after 3:30 p.m. from Dawei you can get into trouble.

Detailed map of mangroves walkway.
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We also offer pick-up from Dawei to us by our people on the spot.
They take 50000 Kyat for one or two, 60000 for three and 70000 for four persons, but it does not get cheaper overall with public taxi.
The car will take you to the last village. The need to walking through the mangroves remains unchanged. Everybody has to go this way…
It’s Myanmar, accommodations and private transport are more expensive here than in other countries of Southeast Asia.