Sin Htauk Beach near Dawei, Myanmar

A stroke of good fortune of nature has created this paradise.
If you wanted to design a perfect place for a bungalow resort, then something like Sin Htauk Beach would be created.

  • Perfect, west-facing, crescent-shaped bay. Sunset!
  • Surrounded on the left and right by hills. Hiking!
  • No road to the beach, hard to reach. Quietness!
  • Green rainforest and mangroves all around. Pure nature!
  • Slightly increased place for bungalows in the second row. Ocean View!
  • No stones or mud in the water for 1km, no risk of injury. Night swimming!
  • On both sides of the bay are corals. Snorkeling!
  • After 5 minutes walking you are already at the next deserted, endless beach.

The crystal clear water has more than 25 degrees and gleams between azure and jade-green depending on the position of the sun.
The waves set the tone of Sin Htauk Beach Bungalows.
If you take a few steps into the jungle, tropical birds determine the soundscape.

Bay like horseshoe - Sin Htauk Beach Arc

Two amazing beaches with jade-green and azure waters

Empty Beach near Dawei with Sin Htauk Bungalows

Surrounded by green hills of Dawei Peninsula

Wide beach, white sand, small hotel

After waves of the sea come the waves in the sand

During the tides the beach width changed, but even at high tide it has wide of 50m.

You can snorkeling and tubing for free. If you don’t bring back the equipment we charge a fee for the lost things.
Mask – 25000 Kyats
Snorkel – 15000 Kyats
Tube – 15000 Kyats
So be careful in the waves… 🙂

White Beach Sinhtauk, perfect arc