Sin Htauk Beach Restaurant

Since the beginning of 2017 we have a nice beach restaurant.
You can sit under the high roof of the breezy restaurant or in the adjacent chillout area under shady leaves and enjoy your meals on rustic furniture. All tables, benches and chairs were made on site, most of them from stranded driftwood.

Beach restaurant at Sin Htauk
Our first chef had been working in Thailand for several years. So we are lucky enough not only to offer local dishes but also the world famous Thai cuisine.

All dishes are freshly prepared, we do not use glutamate or other additives.
Vegetarian dishes are always on the menu.

Water Refill Station at Sin Htauk Beach Restaurant
You can refill your water bottle for free. From our own well clear and drinkable water is available, but we also have an advanced water filtration unit.
Every day we go to the markets and buy fresh goods from traders we trust. Whenever possible, we buy fruits and vegetables from farmers in nearby villages or seafood right on our doorstep.

Cleanliness and hygiene are our top priority, our chef and the entire staff are really pedantic.
The vegetables are stored in freezers, everything is washed with fresh water from our well before preparation.
Meat, fish and seafood are stored near zero degrees and never longer than two to three days.
Everything that is no longer super fresh is disposed of.
We prefer not to sell products than overlaid food. That’s why there are no fish or anything on some days.
Squid in particular is never older than a few hours. It is caught daily in the neighboring bay, prepared and served .
The kitchen is new. Every evening everything is cleaned intensively, almost sterilized.
All kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned between operations. Our employees wash their hands all the time.
Our prices can seem a little bit higher, but that’s mainly because of the difficult transportation routes. Everything has to be carried by hand over the long walk-way, we do not have the opportunity to carry anything by car or boat.
Due our remote place and temporary local markets it won’t be always easy getting all the ingredients for all dishes . But we try and the failures become more and more rare.

A small breakfast is included. Between 7:30 and 9am you can mix your coffee and our restaurant staff bring mostly local food and a plate of fresh fruits to your table.
We close the kitchen 8pm and the restaurant 9pm. Then all guests should leave the restaurant, the chef is sleeping near the the kitchen.

Come and enjoy your breakfast, lunch and diner. Take a shake or ice coffee and watch the waves. Just relax.